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One simple API to handle all interactions between groups and money. Yes, we built it.
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“The Crowdfunding API Is Here… Welcome To A New Era Of E-Commerce”
— J.J. Colao

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There is a clear market need for an easier way to launch a custom crowdfunding campaign without rolling all of the code from scratch. The Crowdtilt API is a good mix of useful out-of-the box as well as customizable.”
Dalton Caldwell
CEO/Co-Founder of
Let Crowdtilt’s API Power Your Crowd Commerce Needs…
Whether it’s group payments in your application, a social fundraising or international crowdfunding app, or a flash commerce engine you’re looking for – you’ve found it.
Endless Use Cases:
  • Develop a crowdfunding application (e.g., single project model like or multi-project model like
  • Offer a group payments option in your applications
  • Offer a pre-sales commerce option in your applications
  • Develop a social fundraising application (with or without tilting)
  • Enable the collaboration around these styles of commerce (messaging, comments, invites, etc.)
  • Use your own payment processor or use a preferred partner
  • International (multi-language, multi-currency)
  • Built-in Fraud Prevention mechanisms
  • Fully PCI Compliant
  • Direct Debit (ACH), credit card, or combination of both
You keep the brand, interface, users, data and processing. It’s the solution you’ve been looking for. View our API/Documentation here.

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