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You’ve arrived at redditor fundraising heaven, where Crowdtilt and reddit staff have teamed up to build one group funding platform for everything from a $100 meetup to a $100k fundraiser–and anything in between!
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Crowdtilt is an official partner of Reddit Inc.
Crowdtilt is an official partner of Reddit Inc.
The good stuff
  • Easy to use: Get started in 30 seconds or less and tie to a reddit thread easily.
  • Universal: People can contribute from all over the world.
  • Great for non-profits: Crowdtilt provides tax-deductible receipts to donors and disburses funds to verified 501(c)(3) non-profits directly.
  • Safe: Anybody with a U.S. bank account can receive money (more countries coming soon), and Crowdtilt will help verify beneficiaries of campaigns.
How much is it?
  • Crowdtilt is waiving their fee for this collaboration (we’re redditors, too!), so only a 2.5% fee for secure credit card processing applies (less than PayPal and other sites).
What it can be used for
  • $150,000 Flash Fundraiser, $200 drinks for a meetup, or to create some reddit schwag!
  • Pretty much any time you need to fundraise, collect, or pool money with a group.
You can haz monies today! Start Your Campaign | FAQ
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