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Complete Branding Control

Customize the look and feel of your crowdfunding page, and use your own branded domain.

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Simple pricing — only pay standard credit card processing fees on successful campaigns.

Launch in Minutes

No code required. With our admin dashboard and tools, you’ll be up and running quickly.

We Handle the Back-End

Integration with the Crowdtilt API allows for a smooth checkout experience. We take care of all credit card processing.

Collect More Funds

Accept pre-orders even after your campaign period ends, all from the same central website.

All the Features You Want

Advanced analytics, order management tools, subscription billing, and more.

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How does Crowdtilt Open differ from other platforms?

If you’re familiar with blogging tools, you’ll understand the difference between using a limited third-party platform like Blogger and a powerful, flexible tool like WordPress. WordPress revolutionized the blogging world in 2003 by making tools powerful enough for brands and creators to create and control their own experience. It is now the most popular blogging tool in the world.

Over the past year, a trend has emerged: the largest and most innovative crowdfunding campaigns have been launching hosted/branded campaigns. The Star Citizen team set the record for biggest crowdfunding campaign ever, and Coin and Tile broke records for hardware crowdfunded campaigns—all off third-party platforms. Self-hosting a campaign allows you to use advanced tools to raise more money, build your brand, and capture long-term value and traffic. Crowdtilt Open brings that power to everyone, even non-engineers.

What can I use Crowdtilt Open for?

Crowdtilt Open is an end-to-end solution that makes it easy to launch your own professional white-labeled crowdfunding, presale, or donation page. Crowdtilt Open will host your page, handle payment processing, and leave you to focus on what your goal: raising funds. You’ll control the look and feel, plug in third-party services you love, and manage your backers—all without writing a line of code.

Unlike most third-party platforms, there are no arbitrary guidelines here. Crowdtilt Open can be used for collecting pre-orders, raising funds for charity, a group experience, or anything else you can imagine.

You can launch a campaign on your own domain (say,, run multiple campaigns at once, and change your page whenever you want. And with first-ever features like subscription billing based rewards and Bitcoin integration, your imagination’s the only limit.

How much does it cost to use Crowdtilt Open?

Because Crowdtilt Open is an open source project, it will always be free to use a version of our software.

And for a limited time, there is no additional fee to launch a fully-hosted campaign through Crowdtilt Open: we’ll provide hosting and 24/7 support. For successful campaigns, you’ll pay only industry-standard credit card processing fees of 2.9% + $.30/transaction.

What is Crowdtilt? Why build Crowdtilt Open?

Crowdtilt launched in 2012 with a simple mission: to build the most powerful and accessible crowdfunding tools for the entire web.

We started out with, for pooling money with friends, but we quickly released the first-ever enterprise crowdfunding API—opening our collaborative payments technology to be used in any application.

Crowdtilt Open is an extension of that same philosophy. We want to fulfill the promise of crowdfunding, enabling all creators to launch with the best possible platform: open source, powerful, extensible, flexible, and free.

I’ve seen Selfstarter. What are the origins of Crowdtilt Open?

Good catch! Crowdtilt Open has its open source origins in the Selfstarter project, released by our fellow Y Combinator-backed friends at Lockitron. Lockitron’s creators were one of the first commercial projects to realize they should launch a self-hosted crowdfunding campaign—they wanted to launch a company, establish their brand, and capture long-term users. Selfstarter requires lots of technical expertise, though, so we took their foundation and built it out into a full-service, end-to-end hosted solution.

When Crowdtilt Open was in beta, Paul (Lockitron/Selfstarter co-founder) wrote that Crowdtilt Open “represents a maturation of the crowdfunding movement.”” We’re carrying the Selfstarter torch and laying the groundwork for commercial crowdfunding.

What are some applications of advanced crowdfunding features?

Here are some Crowdtilt Open campaigns that have used our advanced functionality for fundraising success:

Beep added a referral program so they could promote word-of-mouth traffic.

Good Day Blimp sent out tax-deductible non-profit receipts for donations.

UTLab ran multiple campaigns simultaneously, to let their audience decide which style of shoes to produce.

Soylent accepts Coinbase payments and has collected tens of thousands of dollars in Bitcoin.

Lammily uses Facebook ad retargeting to amplify sales.

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