Crowdtilt is a new way to pool funds for group experiences, purchases, and causes! Learn more.

Crowdtilt Fees.

Crowdtilt is made possible by a small fee charged only when your campaign is successful (that is, when it tilts). We only make money if you and your group reach your objective—which means we’re all in this together.

  • Only pay if your campaign tilts—Starting a campaign is free.
  • Campaign owners pay a fee of 2.5% if their campaign tilts unless they are “Selling Something” and then the fee is 5%
  • Contributors pay a processing fee of 2.5% unless they are contributing to a “Sell Something” campaign, then there’s no fee.
  • Fees are offset by better results for everyone—average Crowdtilt campaigns raise 188% over their tilt amount.

We’ve designed Crowdtilt to be incredibly frictionless: it’s the easiest way for groups to pool money online. Ready to give us a try? Start your campaign here.

For successful campaigns, pay only industry standard credit card processing fees (2.9% + $.30/ transaction). See CrowdtiltOpen FAQ for more information.