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Frequently Asked Questions.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Crowdtilt. Expand All Collapse All

What is Crowdtilt?

Crowdtilt is a place where you can pool money with your friends or your community for an objective/event/fundraiser you care about. It could be for a vacation home rental in Hawaii or raising money for a charitable event in your region. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get together with your friends without having to go through the burdensome process of gauging people’s interest and collecting the money through various means. Doing things with a group shouldn’t suck so much – and Crowdtilt helps with that.

Who can use Crowdtilt?

If you live in the United States and have valid U.S. bank account, go ahead and start a campaign to pool money for anything you want! We accept all credit cards, so your friends from all over the world can contribute to your campaign. As we continue to grow, we will expand our service to other countries as well, so join us on Facebook to make sure to find out when we are coming to your country.

How do I start a campaign?

Starting a campaign is super easy! Simply click here to provide your campaign information and you’re ready to share it! The whole process should take less than 5 minutes. If you need help, make sure to hit us up on the live chat.
If you can make a Craigslist post or a Facebook group, you can create a campaign on Crowdtilt… Don’t be scurred.

Why do I need a Facebook account to start a campaign?

We ask all campaign admins to connect their Crowdtilt profile with their Facebook account, so that potential contributors know who they are giving their money to.

Can I log in through anything else besides Facebook to start my own campaign?

No. Currently to start a campaign, admins must log in through Facebook. If you do not have Facebook yet, you can create an account here.

What fees does Crowdtilt charge for opening a campaign?

There is no fee to start a campaign on Crowdtilt. If a campaign is successful (it tilts), a 2.5% Crowdtilt fee is applied towards the admin. Therefore, the final amount the admin receives is the amount pooled in the campaign, minus a 2.5% fee. Contributors to the campaign, pay for their credit card processing which is the standard 2.5%, and is added to the contribution amount. You can find more info on our fees here.

Tip: You can add a 2.5% buffer into your campaign to make up for the Crowdtilt fee.

What is the difference between crowd-funding and group-funding?

Crowd-funding is meant for many people to fund an individual’s project or effort. (Many-to-one)

Group-funding is where a group funds an objective, that the entire group benefits from. (From the group for the group)

Where can I see a list of all on-going campaigns?

The majority of our campaigns are private (e.g. a group of friends organizing a vacation or party bus) so we don’t list all active campaigns or categorize them on our site.

In comparison to similar crowdfunding platforms (which advocate and feature your campaign to bring you the biggest exposure possible), Crowdtilt depends on each campaign admin to share their campaign with their personal and professional networks in order to reach their goal.

Is Crowdtilt bad a?

Yes. 100% bad a.

Why do people follow me?

Because you are popular! People that follow you will receive a notification any time you start a new public campaign. Private campaigns will remain stealthy, and these notifications will not be sent. So don’t worry.

Can I follow people?

Absolutely. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to keep up with your friends’ activity or people you are interested in. When you follow someone, you will get a notification any time they start a new public campaign.

I am not in the U.S., can I still use your site?

We now accept international credit cards, so no matter where you are in the world, you can contribute to a campaign on Crowdtilt!

However, in order to start a campaign and receive any funds pooled, you need to have a U.S. based bank account. Therefore, only individuals in the U.S. will be able to start campaigns on Crowdtilt at the moment.

We can’t wait until we can offer our service to everybody in the world, and eventually we will get there 😉 Just give us some more time. We ask that you please follow us on Facebook and Twitter to find out when we launch in your country.

Can I fake my address in the signup form to get past the U.S.-only limitation?

As one clever German employee found out, this may be a genius way to get your campaign started…but unfortunately without a U.S. based bank account, you would not be able to receive any of the funds you pooled with your campaign and the funds would be returned. Then, no one is happy, not even us.

Is this site secure?

Absolutely. Keeping your information safe is our biggest priority. Crowdtilt is VeriSign secured and PCI compliant.

What are the benefits of a tilt amount?

The tilt amount propels your campaign forward by giving everybody a common goal that needs to be reached before the campaign is successful. There are several benefits to using the tilt.

  • No false expectations or anxiety of fronting the money. If you don’t raise the required amount needed for your objective, there won’t be a bunch of people expecting it to happen.
  • It lowers the risk. Nobody gets charged if the campaign does not reach the objective.
  • It motivates a viral campaign. When people get behind an idea, it becomes like a game where everyone is on the same team. The pressure of tilting the campaign ultimately propels momentum that is otherwise on the shoulders of the organizer to motivate. It also creates a sense of urgency and pushes the objective through social and professional networks.
  • It eliminates stragglers/free-riders. Don’t you hate it when people never pay you that $5 for a party, because they think you’re the only one that will know that they didn’t pay?

Does a campaign require a tilt amount?

Yes. Each campaign must have a tilt amount.

Does a campaign require a summary?

Yes. It allows the users to see exactly what their contributions will be used for. If you don’t have a clear funding objective, then Crowdtilt is probably not the place for your campaign.

How long can I run my campaign?

Up to 30 days, which is longer than it takes the moon to circle our planet! Short campaigns (say, 10 days) are perfect for smaller groups, while fundraisers may benefit from a longer time frame. Campaigns are usually idle in the middle, so choose the shortest time you feel comfortable with.

Can I change the tilt amount during a campaign?

No. Once the first user contributes, it’s set for the life of the campaign. Make sure you check over everything on your campaign before you start receiving funds.

Can I change my deadline during a campaign?

The deadline cannot be extended beyond 30 days of the creation date.

Can I change the campaign details after it’s started? (We’re working on this right now)

Currently, we are working on this part on the website. We can change certain pieces of the campaign for you by email. Simply email your change to [email protected] or talk to us on the live chat. We’ll take care of it right away.

Can I cancel or suspend my campaign?

Only if the campaign has not tilted yet. To cancel your campaign, log into your account, and go to Managed Campaigns. There you can cancel individual campaigns.

Can I post a video instead of a picture for my campaign?

We currently support video links from YouTube and Vimeo. Send an email to [email protected] with the link and the name of your campaign and we’ll post it to your campaign.

How do I make a contribution?

Go to the campaign page (usually using the web link you received in an email, saw on facebook or twitter, etc) and click the ’Contribute’ or ‘Pay’ button below the picture. If you have any questions, you can talk to us on the live chat or call us during regular business hours, and we’ll guide you through it. 214.256.4663 or 1.888.921.TILT 🙂 you can also emails us at [email protected]. Our business hours are M-F 9am – 8pm PST

Can I contribute to my own campaign?

Yes. However, your credit card will not be charged. Since the money you would contribute to your own campaign, will come right back to your bank account, you would pay unnecessary credit card processing fees for doing this. Instead you can make an admin contribution, that shows up as a regular contribution on your campaign to everybody else, but will not be part of the money you receive once your campaign ends.

As the admin of the campaign, you can contribute up to half of the campaign total.

When is my card charged?

Your card only gets charged once a campaign is successful (reaches or surpasses the tilt amount).

Is my contribution ($ amount) displayed publicly?

No. Only the campaign admin will be able to see your contribution amount. However, your name and picture (if applicable) will be added to the list of contributors on the campaign page.

Can I cancel a contribution?

Campaigns depend on the momentum and contributions of its supporters, so we discourage canceling contributions. However, if a contribution needs to be canceled, you can do so by contacting us by email ([email protected]) or phone 1.888.921.TILT during regular business hours, and we’ll gladly assist. Our business hours are M-F 9am – 8pm PST.

Can I change my credit card information before the campaign ends?

Yes/no/difficult. We will have to cancel your old contribution, and you will have to submit a new contribution with the new card. It can be done, so contact us and we’ll take care of you, just help our small team out by only reaching out to change it if necessary. Call us 214.256.4663 or 1.888.921.TILT, email us [email protected] or catch us on the live chat.

How can I receive the funds for my campaign?

Funds from your campaign are send via direct deposit, which take about 1-2 business days. Throughout your first campaign, we will send you a notice to provide your bank information.

Any future payouts from Crowdtilt will be automatically be deposited into your account without any action on your part. Isn’t this awesome? We think so 🙂

Can I receive the funds before my campaign tilts?

Campaigns on Crowdtilt follow the All-or-Nothing rule pioneered by the Groupon/Kickstarter models. If you don’t reach the tilt, you don’t get the money. This ensures that contributors don’t put in money for a half-funded objective and it holds everybody accountable to make the campaign successful. Make sure to give your campaign that last big push to get over the tilt.

Will I get notified if the campaign tilts?

Yes, you will receive an email. If the campaign expires without tilting, we will inform you of that as well.

My campaign has tilted, but where is my money?

Congrats! Once your campaign tilts, all credit cards are charged, and it remains open until it expires. If you have raised/pooled all the money you needed, you can end your campaign at any point by simply clicking on “End Campaign” from your campaign page.

Contributions made after a campaign has tilted are simply added to the total campaign fund, so you can safely collect more money even after you reach the tilt.

Should I inform my contributors if my campaign goal or details change during the funding process?

Yes, anytime the details of the campaign change you should inform your Crowdtilt contributors through the messaging function on your campaign page. If users have already started contributing, you can use the “Contact Campaign Contributors” button on your campaign. Once you fill out the form, we will send the message on your behalf to all contributors.

What happens if a contributor’s credit card or payment option is declined?

Once you submit your payment, our site will immediately tell you whether your card was accepted or not. We do not charge your credit card until the campaign tilts.

Can I re-run a campaign even though it was not successful the first time?


How can I get my campaign featured?

We currently do not feature open/active campaigns, because the majority of our campaigns are private. We may ask you for permission to feature your campaigns after it expires as an example of how Crowdtilt helped you.

Can I use Crowdtilt for my personal donation campaign?

We have noticed that campaigns asking for personal donations have not done too well on our site, because campaigns are only shared with personal networks and do not receive much exposure beyond that. We recommend that you to look into other platforms such as or for these types of campaigns.

Can I use Crowdtilt to raise funds to start my business or fund my large project?

We have noticed that campaigns asking for funds to pursue a product or business idea have not done too well on our site, because campaigns are only shared with personal networks and do not receive much exposure beyond that. We recommend that you look into other platforms such as kickstarter for these types of campaigns.

Will I get SPAM?

We do not sell or provide email addresses solicitors. Ever. Our privacy policy says so, and you can read more there.