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Oh, hello there.

Here at Crowdtilt, we all agree that it’s not necessarily what you do, it’s who you do it with. In other words: With the right group of people, any ordinary experience can be epic–and almost any fundraising goal can be achieved.

But we also know that organizing a group event or activity can be a struggle. Even the best-intentioned folks will flake, forget to pay, or get confused about how much they owe.

Enter Crowdtilt. We make it beautifully easy for groups to do things together. From organizing a party bus or concert to pooling money for a cause you’re passionate about, we help make the process of paying for group activities seamless and fun.

With Crowdtilt, everyone pulls together–and no one gets stuck with the bill.

A word or two about our co-founders

James Beshara Co-Founder

James has been pushing the group-funding envelope since 2007. Before co-founding Crowdtilt, he studied Development Economics as an undergrad and then went on to build, a site for group-funding poverty-alleviation organizations in developing countries. James hopes that people keep using Crowdtilt to change the world. But he’s also totally ok with late-night parties and tailgates.

Fun fact: James once made a five-minute standup comedy CD in college–but now it’s allegedly nowhere to be found.

Khaled Hussein Co-Founder

Khaled saw a computer for the first time in his last year of high school in Alexandria, Egypt–and he’s been BEYOND hooked ever since. He studied Computer Science and Human Computer Interaction at Virginia Tech and then went on to start a PhD. But (shocker!) he left shortly afterward to join a startup eventually acquired by Rackspace. After a few years of helping lead their Corporate Strategy, he got the startup itch again and joined James at Crowdtilt.

Fun fact: Khaled dreams of competing in a hack-a-thon where the grand prize is a genuine Samurai sword.