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Help Karl Kesel Keep His Comic Collection

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Blastoff Comics
San Francisco, CA 94133
R.b. Sheldon

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"Karl Kesel is selling his back pages, his memories, his stash… the Marvels of his childhood that he has held onto for 40 years."  He is selling them at the age of 53 so he and his wife Myrna can pay for the adoption and medical costs of a 15 week-old baby that was born to heroin addicts.

When you read about their situation in this article by Steve Duin of the Oregonian, 
it is difficult not to feel moved want to do something to help.  When I looked at how his collection was selling, I noticed a sale here and there, but I also saw that a lot of his collection remained unsold and a thought occurred to me.

Why not start a fundraising campaign to buy as many of his comics as we could so we could give them right back to him?  I have no lofty expectations for this endeavor, but I thought even purchasing one comic would send the right message that there are people out there that are grateful that people like Karl and his wife Myrna exist to make this world a better place.
So if you feel so inclined, please feel free to contribute to this campaign.  My understanding is that crowdtilt is the official group funding partner of reddit, and I will make sure to work closely with them to ensure all funds go to the purchase of Karl's collection, and/or Karl himself at the conclusion of this fundraiser.

Depending on the amount raised, I will also plan to seek feedback from knowledgable collectors to ensure the money is spent wisely and the comics are purchased according to priority, and perhaps even work with Karl directly.
There is no contribution that is too small, and feel free to share this with anybody else you think might be moved to help out.
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