New Video! How Church of the Beloved Crowdfunded Their Beautiful New Space

Tilter Spotlight of the Week

It all started with 20 members in a garage-sized space.

Now 22 months old, the Church of the Beloved has grown from a ragtag crew of 20 famously good-looking people, to over 400 members from over 25 different countries! Pastor David Choi, Beloved’s senior pastor, dreamt of creating a church where members could unite across different backgrounds and grasp the amazing, undiscriminating power of Grace. But starting a church (or any nonprofit) from scratch is no easy feat. Today we’re sharing how this Beloved tilted their incredible hopes into reality, crowdfunding $115,000 to spread their love into new homes and cities, and hitting #4 on our largest Crowdtilt campaigns list…


The Story

After their humble success tilting this $6,000 van to transport their college students to their far-off church campus, the Church of the Beloved family took a leap of faith and aimed to crowdfund $50,000 to expand their church’s love into new buildings and new cities. In just 30 days, they rallied and raised over $115,000 on this campaign.

We loved refreshing the page, and watching the dollars and loving comments on the page climb. The youngest members of the church fam raced to hold bake sales so they’d have pocket change to contribute (!), talented churchgoers auctioned off their photography skills to add to the effort, and Beloved’s devoted troop of college students sent the campaign link fervently to their friends and family overseas…

In the months since their success, Beloved has launched a new site in Seattle, settled into their beautiful theater in Downtown Chicago (while holding additional services at the UIC campus), and touched the lives of hundreds of new members who wouldn’t have been able to attend were it not for this fundraiser!



Mario Kart Party Brings Back Memories


Editor’s note: this guest post was written by Adam Rosenfield, a Crowdtilt Playmaker. When he’s not attending fun events and writing about them, Adam loves a good sports joke or a trip to an Indian buffet. He loves crowdfunding because it can help people achieve their dreams.

To prepare for his 60-mph race against the woman in the pink princess outfit, the gentleman before me quickly swapped his oversized, red-and-white polka dot hat for a more sturdy racing helmet.

A scene from a Halloween party, you ask? Hardly. The duo before me — dressed as Toad and Princess Peach, respectively — were among the 200 guests (and one dog dressed as Luigi!) that gathered Saturday night for the first of two Mario Kart Super Parties being held this summer at the Dallas Karting Complex in Caddo Mill, Texas. Invitees were treated to not only unlimited go-kart racing until 1 am, but also to large plasma television displays where they could play Mario Kart 8 while munching on pizza and other snacks. They could also watch real-life big wheel races designed to simulate the video game.

The parties were the brainchild of Jared Guynes, who famously lured Vanilla Ice and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Dallas as part of his 30th birthday party in February. Guynes uses Crowdtilt to fund his parties, where he has to hit a certain amount of ticket sales for his ideas to come to fruition.