Launching CrowdtiltOpen: the most powerful and flexible crowdfunding solution

Our open source project Crowdhoster becomes CrowdtiltOpen

Starting as a two-man side project at Crowdtilt’s SF headquarters last year, our open source project Crowdhoster has already powered hundreds of incredible crowdfunding campaigns since the private beta launched last August. The goal was simple: inspired by the trend of the largest and most innovative crowdfunding campaigns setting records with their professional self-powered websites, we wanted to bring that power and flexibility to all creators. We’ve been inspired by the growth and interest so far, so today we’re officially ready for primetime. And with that, comes a new name: CrowdtiltOpen.

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Today, we’re launching CrowdtiltOpen as the most advanced end-to-end crowdfunding solution in the world. CrowdtiltOpen makes it easy to launch your own fully-featured white-label crowdfunding, pre-sale, or donation page. You’ll control the look and feel, plug in third-party services you love, and we’ll handle the backend as well as all payment processing — all without requiring you to write a line of code.

Just as our initial private beta rolled out last August, WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg tweeted praise.

“Crowdhoster is doing for crowdfunding what WordPress did for blogging.”

Here’s what we think he meant: when WordPress released their first set of tools in 2003, blogging was already an innovative, buzzworthy technology. But in looking back, blogging was actually in its Stone Age: individual blogs existed in siloed communities like Blogger or LiveJournal. Feature sets were deeply limited — especially for non-engineers. Many creators, brands, and communities were left out.

So WordPress built a flexible open source framework in WordPress.org, and then a fully-hosted consumer solution in WordPress.com. The company changed blogging by making tools powerful enough for brands and individuals to create their own experiences. In the past decade, WordPress has emerged as clearly the world’s most popular blogging tool, powering everything from CNN to the New York Times. It now powers 19% of the web. It’s time for crowdfunding to grow up, the same way that blogging has, over the past decade.

Weeks later, Paul Gerhardt, a co-founder of Lockitron / Selfstarter (self-powered crowdfunding pioneers), wrote on Hacker News:

“Crowdhoster represents a maturation of the crowdfunding movement.”

Lockitron’s creators were one of the first commercial projects to realize they should launch a self-hosted crowdfunding campaign. In the past year, there’s been a clear movement towards the largest and most innovative crowdfunding campaigns launching campaigns on their own websites. The Star Citizen team set the record for biggest crowdfunding campaign ever, and Coin and Tile broke records for hardware campaigns—all off of third-party platforms. Self-hosting a campaign allows you to control the user experience to collect more funds, build your brand, and capture long-term value and traffic. With CrowdtiltOpen, we’ve made that more accessible than ever before.

Since August, we’ve powered hundreds of campaigns of all shapes and sizes. From commercial pre-order campaigns like the phenomenon of Soylent raising over $2.1M from 20,000+ backers, all the way to cause-based nonprofit fundraisers like Immunity Project raising $462,000 to combat HIV/AIDS. By making powerful crowdfunding easy, we’ve hopefully just scratched the surface of what people can use it for.

If you’re curious, please sign up for CrowdtiltOpen or feel free to drop us a note. You’ve all helped us shape CrowdtiltOpen into what it is today — especially our early beta testers and open source contributors with their fantastic feedback (thank you!). We’re relentless in our pursuit to fulfill the promise of crowdfunding, enabling all creators to launch with the best possible platform. And more than anything else, we’re excited to see how you’ll use it.

The Crowdtilt Team

Learn more about CrowdtiltOpenStart Here

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